Required Reading

Business Valuation Bluebook: How Successful Entrepreneurs Price, Buy, Sell and Trade Businesses by Chad Simmons (ISBN# 978-1889150550) Is one of the required readings for the CBB program.

Learn the latest valuation techniques to price almost any small business and identify business bargains. This user-friendly manual includes forms, checklists, tables, examples and anecdotes that enable entrepreneurs to get professional valuation results. With this book in hand small business owners and buyers will have the ammunition needed to win negotiations by dealing from a position of strength.


Buying a Business To Secure Your Financial Freedom: Finding and Evaluating the Business That’s Right For You by Ed Pendarvis (ISBN#978-0071450867) Is the second required reading for this course.

More and more people are leaving their jobs and investing in small businesses–today’s leading job growth opportunity. But isn’t it risky? Not with Ed Pendarvis, whose business brokerage firm was rated #1 by Entrepreneur magazine. Once investors learn how to find and evaluate the right kind of business, the risks can be reduced–and profits dramatically increased. The secret lies in valuing and purchasing an already existing small business or franchise, one with a proven track record and potential for continued success.

Unlocking the Value of Your Business: How to Increase It, Measure It, and Negotiate an Actual Sale Price – Easy Step-by-Step Terms by Tom Horn (ISBN#978-0875210162) Is the last book required for the CBB program.

Maximize the market value of your company. Calculate that value easily at any point in time. Negotiate the best possible price when the company is sold. And don’t worry – you don’t need an MBA to understand this book. Everything is spelled out in plain language and easy-to-follow steps. Plus, there’s a special glossary that explains each financial concept in very simple terms. The book also includes practical advice on… – Buying-out partners, or selling-back your own shares. – How to finance the acquisition of a business. – Negotiating the acquisition contract. – How to present your company to potential buyers. You’ll gain insight into the factors that account for business value, enabling you to manage in ways that will deliberately increase your company’s value over time.

All of these books are available at, Chapters, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore. These are also available at most public libraries.

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